Hampson Custom Software has over 20 years experience designing and implementing custom software solutions.

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Support Thumbnail Customer support is what we are most interested in. From our experiences in situations that did not set the client up as the most important part of the equation, we have learned the true value of keeping our customers happy. It is an undeniable truth that without our customers, we are nothing, and we keep you foremost in our minds. Software without support is like an aircraft without fuel, it might look good and have lots of promise, but it will never get off the ground.

In today's environment of commercialism and extreme profit-driven decision making, the product often becomes king. Decisions are made based on gee-whiz features that looked good in the marketing brochures but don't actually help anyone once they're implemented.

We offer so much more than just a product, more than a system to help you do your job more efficiently. We offer a relationship that starts when we make first contact, and will continue as long as you wish it to. We provide customer service before you are a customer, and support long after you're comfortable with your solution.

Support Thumbnail We support you during the discovery and design process, working with you and your employees to ensure we are creating a solution that fits. We look at your existing processes, and carefully suss out what parts can be done better, quicker, more correctly, and/or more efficiently by applying technology in the right places.

We support you through the design and development stages, providing you with mock-ups, screen shots, and test environments where you can work with the solution as it is growing, and provide input and feedback as it does so. We find frequently that users and employees can't get a true feeling for how much we can help them until they have had a small taste of what we offer.

Support Thumbnail We support you during training. Obviously you want people who know the new system intimately to train your users, so we bring in the people who have worked on developing and perfecting it from the first step. We structure the training to make sure that everyone who will be using the new system is comfortable with its use, and also knows where to go to get help when needed. We work with you to train "Champions" in your workplace who become experts with the new system. That way when questions crop up, you have answers already in-house, saving you valuable time and resources. And of course we are always willing to train new employees, or re-train existing people whose tasks have changed, or just need a refresher.

We support you during implementation. Very often solutions are being installed to replace and update existing systems and processes. We work with you to create the best and most efficient roll-out strategies, and carefully integrate existing data migration and import tools into the whole process.

We support you as you work with your new solution. We know that as time passes you and your employees will find new and fantastic ways to change existing systems to enhance efficiency and ease workload. We are very willing to work with you to see these changes implemented.

Give us the opportunity to show you what personalized support feels like, and what it can do for the way you look at your customized software solution.