Hampson Custom Software has over 20 years experience designing and implementing custom software solutions.

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Hampson Clinic Management Software

MLHU Clinic Screen CaptureWe built a web-based application for handling all the internal needs of the Sexual Health Clinics for public health units. They need a method to schedule appointments across multiple locations and with different physicians availability, the ability to sell and track sales of contraceptives, as well as an electronic method for storing their client records. By streamlining the collection of data, improving their scheduling methods and cleaning up their sales and inventory we are able to save the employees of the clinic time and money.

Hampson Immunization Clinic Manager

Hampson Immunization Clinic Management screen shotTo lessen the load on influenza clinics overwhelmed with the response to H1N1 vaccinations, we created an application to read Ontario Health Cards and Driver's Licences. Hampson Immunization Clinic Management screen shotThis allowed for a massive reduction in data entry, and by designing a hybrid system that tied the scanned data to the consent form we gave the MLHU the ability to speed up their clinics while increasing their ability to generate demographic reports quickly and easily. Unlike other clinic management systems, we decided to keep the paperwork as part of the solution, which reduced the staffing and technology load.

Scrap Tracking Systems

Scrap confirming screen shotWe have built system to assist in tracking, management, and reporting scrap for manufacturing plants. We made use of Optical Mark Recognition technology to give operators the ability to enter scrap amounts on "bubble sheets" and scan them using any photocopier/scanner. Using a browser-based application supervisors and managers are able to view, correct and confirm the scrap numbers, as well as generate reports. By including Production numbers, we are able to generate EOE calculations, efficiencies and other important production numbers. The plants using this highly customized system saw immediate improvements in reduction of scrap numbers, and more immediate response times to plant-floor issues.

eHealthUnit Website

eHealthUnit.com Screen CaptureWith a growing number of products aimed at the Public Health industry, we have branched out with a new website to sell into this market. http://www.eHealthUnit.com is dedicated to providing services and solutions to Public Health Units across Ontario. With the increased workloads that all Health Units are currently experiencing with clinics related to the H1N1 Influenza vaccinations, we have turned our focus toward Immunizations and Immunization clinics.

Global Document Solutions Inc.

Gdox Screen CaptureGdox Screen CaptureGlobal Document Solutions Inc. is a world-leader in electronic Document Management solutions, and they have contracted Hampson Custom Software to handle their customization and client support needs. Hampson's unique intimate knowledge of their flagship product "Gdox" makes for a natural fit, and the relationship is a very positive one for both companies. We were also able to meet their website needs, with a client-centric web presence that gives them the opportunity to share important and time-sensitive documents with their clients and resellers.

Middlesex-London Health Unit Website

MLHU Website Screen CaptureThe Middlesex-London Health Unit needed a dynamic website allowing them to publish articles, post events, and disseminate vital information to the public. We built a customized Content Management System that gives them 24/7 access to their content so they can update and edit under emergency conditions. During the SARS breakout in Ontario in 2003, the Middlesex-London Health Unit became one of the most important sources of information by using our CMS to publish public and private updates, bulletins, and media releases in a timely manner. MLHU Website Screen CaptureThe site has been rebuilt since then to give more flexibility on the back end, giving more unique user access and extending the private and public accesses. The CMS comes with a completely redesigned administration suite, allowing the uploading of PDF articles and images, on-the-fly previews of edited articles, and the new addition of splash pages to give a more dynamic feel to public sections.

Beattie Haven Retirement Community Website

Beattie Haven Website Screen CaptureA local non-profit retirement home needed to renew their online presence. The tight integration of our design and development departments allowed us to quickly turn around a clean new layout and design, pulling their site into the 21st century. We also extended the ability of the site, allowing for downloading of different forms and documentation used regularly by the staff and clients.

Rodney Fair Website

Rodney Fair Website Screen CaptureWith many different contributors and sources of information, the Rodney Fair needed a dynamic and easily editable website that could allow for multiple administrators and contributors. We built a custom Content Management System, allowing for articles to be posted and edited by multiple people. This de-centralized approach to website contribution allows for a more dynamic online environment, with updates and new articles posted on a regular basis as events and organizations change.

The Five Guys Website

Five Guys Website Screen CaptureVisibility and accessability are necessary for performers today, and the Five Guys found that expanding into the digital world was an intelligent move for them. Hampson built a classic web presence for them, then added advanced features like a gig scheduling tool, remote news updating capability, multi-source gallery image addition, and the ability to purchase CD's online.

Ridgeplayers Website

Ridgeplayers Website Screen CaptureThe Ridgeplayers have been putting on Broadway productions in Ridgetown for nearly 4 decades, and realized that they needed to expand their marketing methods to include the Internet. This site gives pertinent production information for current running shows, and also archives and chronicles shows the have put on in the past.

A String and a Prayer Website

A String and a Prayer Website Screen CaptureBuilding from our success with the 5 Guys, we were approached by a local Bluegrass band to create a web presence for them as well. We included the Gig Listing and News features, and the site's CMS background gives the members of the band the ability to make content changes and additions themselves.

Wardsville Kinday Website

Wardsville Kinday Website Screen CaptureThe community of Wardsville in South Western Middlesex has a annual festival called KinDay that wasn't making use of the interenet for any of its advertising and marketing. Clean, punchy graphics and vibrant colours were their requirements, and we wrapped a new logo into our design work. The organizers are very happy to be able to make content edits whenever they choose, thanks to the sites' CMS underpinnings.